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Somewhat Close To Normal
By: Ebonye Octavia Gussine

Set during the shroud 9/11 cast over the nation, Ebonye Gussine’s debut novel showcases lifelong Queens, Bronx, and Brooklyn residents who struggle for orientation in their irrevocably transformed world. For all, 9/11 sparks a time of forced beginnings, as each person learns to cope with loss as they face a society of newly intensified prejudice. An ensemble of native New Yorkers is unknowingly drawn together by the mysterious Gabriel, who haunts key moments of their lives as he struggles to reassemble his own fragmented existence.

But hope lies at the center of the story: hope for people too damaged to hope for themselves, and for those forced to continue on through racism, addiction, and the fragility of human connection.

Lovingly crafted, Gussine’s characters alternately charm, exasperate, and mystify. The novel culminates in a perspective-shifting revelation that is both hard-won and organically earned, presenting a clear and engaging meditation on living after loss.

ISBN 978-0-9899862-0-5 (paperback) – AVAILABLE NOW
ISBN 978-0-9899862-1-2 (Kindle) – AVAILABLE NOW
ISBN 978-0-9899862-2-9 (ePUB) – AVAILABLE NOW

EFA Sensitivity Reading for Editors cover

Sensitivity Reads: A Guide for Editorial Professionals (booklet) – AVAILABLE NOW
By: Lourdes Venard and Ebonye Gussine Wilkins
Publisher: Editorial Freelancers Association

Coming in January 2021:

Bobbing and Weaving
By: Ebonye Octavia Gussine

Placeholder Cover - Bobbing and Weaving the novel (Artwork by M.W. Bennett)

A heartwarming tale of love, natural hair, and identity.

Coming in Fall 2021:

Lessons from John
By: Ebonye Octavia Gussine

A woman’s tale of leaving everything behind to follow in the footsteps of her hero.

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