Your Responses to Injustice Are Part of Your Legacy

Every day, you choose to make the best of your day. We all have bad days, sometimes long stretches of bad days if we’re being honest, but we have good days as well. On the good days, we’re kinder to each other, smile a little bit more (or at least for curmudgeons, grimace a little less), and celebrate those around us. Those are the days when an act of kindness goes viral or you hold close to you a good deed that you’ve done in secret. It is unfortunate that those good days aren’t a bigger part of our every day lives. Too often, we succumb to negativity, distress, pain, and intolerance. Too often, we forget our neighbors, ignore our friends, and chide others for not being more sensitive to the experiences of others. This must change.

Every one of us was put on this earth to improve it in some way, big or small. It can be as large and solving or ameliorating a global problem, or as “small” as providing shelter and stability for another human being. Your responses to how people are treated in this world are directly connected to that. We are partake in a shared fate, and it’s up to us to make the most of it.

Your contributions, good or bad, become part of your legacy. How you treat others around you directly feeds into that. Your responses to injustice become a part of the mark that you leave on this world, and someone will notice it. Every action you take leaves an imprint and it affects others around you whether you know them or not, whether you realize it or not. It is up to you whether the impression that you leave is a positive one or not. Defend your legacy, lest it be a casualty of ignorance and indifference. Honor your own spirit and heart with an endowment of gratitude, decorum, and respect. Protect your humanity with the conservation of humanness.