Happy New Year, and This Year’s Theme

Happy new year to you all! I know many of you are looking forward to a fresh start this year (so many of us have very strong negative feelings toward 2016 in general), but I know that this year is going to be one that tests us and challenges us almost daily. No year is truly easy, but many of my friends and family are truly concerned for their safety and health this year. Don’t give up.

My theme this year is going to be “inclusion.” I’ve thought a lot about what word should sum up the approach to 2017, but I’ve settled on inclusion because it is not only an action, but a goal. While “determination” and “perserverance” are also great motivators, we need not only a direction, but a destination. Inclusion is what I hope for all of us, so that’s what I think should be at the forefront of 2017.

Best wishes to all of you this year. Remember to take care of yourself and your neighbor. We’ll all need that positive energy in order to move forward.

In Solidarity,