Our Fates Are Inter-twined, So Our Responses to Injustices Should Be Too

I’ve been trying to sort out my feelings for two days, which is why I haven’t written until now. While I could write about this for pages and pages, I’ll keep it short.

Our fates are all intertwined. My freedom is tied with your freedom. It always has been, and always will be. I cannot be free if you are not free.

Today, I am angry. When we say that Black Lives Matter, we expect you to show up and be an ally, show your support. However, when other groups need your help, you’re still expected to show up, be an ally, and show your support.

I am immensely disappointed by people who claim Black Lives Matter, but don’t show up for Trans Lives, Muslim Lives, LGBTQia Lives, Latinx Lives, Indigenous Lives, Refugee Lives, and every other person that needs that support to assist in a fight for civil liberties and belonging. There are people with Disabilities that need your support. There are people who don’t have religious freedom that need your support. This is not just about you, but about ALL OF US.

If you believe that our destinies are all the same, then you will not make excuses when the conversation is about someone else and not you. You will show up. You will lend support. You will listen, and you will learn.

We have to make a good faith effort to be there for our neighbors, whether you identify with them or not.

I am an ally to your struggles. I will show up when it matters, because you are a part of me, and I am a part of you.

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