The Spiritual Work of Becoming the Writer You Want to Be

It seems obvious enough, if you want to be a writer, then write what you want to write! But there is a deeper question that should come first: what do you want to write?

It’s okay to write to entertain others. It’s great to write in the hopes of inspiring someone else. Maybe you’d like to tell a story that you think will help others. Perhaps you write to inform an audience about a particular topic. These are all terrific reasons to write. But some people honestly just write for the money, fame, or prestige that a print publication may bring. I think that’s a terrible reason to write. Something beyond recognition or notoriety should drive your writing.

But in order to write what you want to write, you have to ask some questions. Does my writing fulfill my purpose. Does my writing connect to my heart? Does my work reflect my value systems? Will writing give me the lifestyle or personal satisfaction that I want?

In order to become the writer that you want to be, you’re going to have to work on yourself. You might be able to do that through personal relationships with others, through hobbies, with meditation, during exercise, or even just through more writing. You have to know yourself better and try to form a connection with your writing.

There is no correct answer to how this should be tackled. There is no piece of perfect writing that will come as a result. But what you will get, is writing that you are immensely proud of, because it will be an extension of yourself.

Have you thought about the work you have to do to become a writer? Do you plan on working on yourself in order to make your writing better? Talk to me about it in the comments. 

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