Why I Admire My Fellow Indie Authors

In 2014, I ventured far out of my comfort zone and I met a handful of other indie authors. The experience was heartening and eye-opening. The men and women authors that I met that year were so inspiring. They published work that spoke to them and they put everything they had into making their book come alive.

These people came from very different backgrounds. Some came from places of privilege, and others came from crime-ridden streets where libraries are under-funded. Some authors had a lot of money to put into their projects, while others were simply scraping by with whatever two pennies they could rub together. All of these writers believed in their project and worked very hard to make people pay attention to them.

I met writers who frequented expensive events and took pictures with celebrities. I met authors who sold books out of the trunk of their car (and successfully too!). Whether they were part of the haves or have-nots, they had one thing in common. They made no excuses for not doing what they loved.

Many times I talk to people who have dreams but make no steps (not even small ones) toward making their dream a reality. I read somewhere that everyone wants success until they see what it takes. This is incredibly true. There is no easy way to success. As a matter of fact, even working your tail off for years and pouring money you don’t have into a project does not equate to success. Sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you’d like it to. But that doesn’t matter as much as long as you continue to push through.

The reason why I admire my fellow indie authors is because they made no excuses as to why they couldn’t do this. Granted, these authors had varying degrees of success, but they all put in the time and dedication to realize their books. In the end, they had a physical reminder of their hard work. From many of them, I purchased the fruits of their toil and the best part was the autograph. Not only was the book a part of them, but they personally put ink to paper to add the cherry on top. I didn’t have to stand on a long line for hours to get it. They were right there in front of me, because they are on the ground, in the trenches, and on the streets every day working toward something that is truly important to them.

To my fellow indie authors, I salute you.

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